Life & Income Protection for Riders on Road, Track and Off-Road

Whether you are a track addict, a daily commuter, a weekend twisty warrior or an off-road demon, we all have one thing in common -- we love getting out there!


But every time we experience the freedom of motorcycling, we know that it comes with a risk - and that the risk can have severe consequences.

Craig was one of the unlucky ones to have a serious get-off while riding his motorcycle. But, lucky for him, he had appropriate insurances in place to help him manage the consequences.


Check out his experience in the video below.

Quick Stats
  • In 2016, almost 250 motorcyclists died in traffic crashes in Australia (240 riders and 8 pillion passengers). This was almost 20% of the entire national road toll.*

  • Most motorcyclist deaths (93 per cent) are male.*

  • Motorcyclists accounted for almost 25% of injuries requiring hospital admission from motor vehicle crashes (figures from 2013).*

  • For every one motorcyclist killed, 35 more are hospitalised due to traffic related crashes. This ratio is far higher than that for pedestrians (1:16), or for vehicle occupants (1:18)*

  • Crashes involving a motorcycle fatality peak during the day (9am to 3pm) and the evening (3pm to 9pm). One third of fatal motorcycle crashes occur on a weekend between 9am Saturday and 9pm Sunday.*

  • Deaths under 40 are skewed towards urban areas while deaths for over 40s are skewed towards non-urban locations. Non-urban fatal crashes are particularly skewed towards the weekend.*

Managing The Risk

Looking at Craig's story and the stats above will hopefully not stop you from riding -- but it does makes us think about what can happen and what we can do about it. 

Income Protection

Your income is your blood supply for paying your bills, your mortgage and your day-to-day expenses. Imagine if your income stopped today. How would that impact you and your family?


‘Income Protection’ is a form of insurance cover designed to protect your income if you have an accident or sickness that stops you from producing an income. The insurance premiums are tax deductible and there is even the option to have it paid from your superannuation. 

There are different types of income protection policies. Each one has its own limitations and exclusions, depending on the type of riding you do.

As riders ourselves, we have looked into the fine print to find insurers that will cover you for the type of riding you do. It is not only important to talk to an expert but also someone that understands what a motorcycle rider should be covered for.

Life Insurance

You work hard to keep your family happy, healthy and secure. But what would happen to them if you were to unexpectedly die or become terminally ill?


Without the income you provide, your family could struggle to pay day-to-day living expenses such as rent or mortgage payments, school fees, utility bills, and even the basics like food and clothing. They might even be forced to sell the car or family home just to get by.


Life insurance cover will protect your loved ones from financial hardship and keep the roof over their heads when you are no longer around. Having life insurance will not stop the uncertainties but it will give you peace of mind. If affordability is an issue, you can use your superannuation to fund the premiums. 

Like income protection, not all life insurance policies are the same. Once again, you may not be covered for the type of riding you do. We can help you make sure your insurance is appropriate for your riding.

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