For business owners, Business Expense Cover is crucial. In these tough economic times, business is tough for all business owners but imagine being disabled and being unable to work. The business expenses such as wages, finance repayments, rent and insurance premiums will not stop and that is why you need Business Expense Cover.

Key Features

  • Choice of payment: Choose from a guaranteed monthly benefit, or a benefit that’s based on your expenses at the time of claim.

  • Increasing cover: Get a monthly benefit that increases in line with inflation each year.

  • Premium discounts: Package your policy with your other policies and receive a discount on your policy.


Who is it for?

  • Business owners

  • Sole traders

  • Partnerships


Case Scenario -  Business Expense Cover in action

David, 42, runs his own architecture business and handles a wide range of the key activities – drawings and documents for construction plans, physical site inspections, sourcing and servicing clients.

While playing squash, David broke his right collarbone and arm, rendering him unable to work. This dramatically cut into his business income and his company started running at a loss. To ensure his business was able to survive, David submitted a claim on his Business Overheads policy. His claim was accepted, allowing him to pay for a locum architect to keep things running while he recovered.

Thanks to his Business Expense policy, David could take the time he needed to recover and his business survived, without having to obtain additional finance.

How do I get protected?

One of our financial advisers can help tailor the right level of cover for your needs.

Save yourself one less worry and contact one of our agents today or request a quote from us.

Business Expense Cover